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New chicky..

Name: Margaret (call me Marg, Bunny, Crazy Person... whatever ya want lol)
Age: 22
Location: Denham Springs, Louisiana (a couple miles outside Baton Rouge)
How Long I've Been A Fan: oh my gosh.. um... well my yahoo username (broksgirl1999) says 1999, so probably since around that time. ^_^ (I was a sophomore in HS that year.. lol. Since then, I've graduated college *back in 03* and have gone on to... nothing!)
Fave Boys: mainly AJ and Bri (whom I lovingly call Alex and Bri-Bear), but I love em all the same.
Reason Why I Love Them: Do I really need a reason? LOL...
What I Want to See in This Community: Anything you chickies can throw at me! ^_^ Icons, bases, fo banners, pics... like I said... anything! (Note.. I can also give that back. lol.. I've made Boys icons and fo banners if anyone's interested.)
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