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Newbie Alarm ^_^

Location: Finland
How long have you been a fan: Tricky one.. *ponders* I think I fell for this band and Brian after seeing the vid of"Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely". There's still something heart-breaking, and it's one of my all time B-Boy favourites.
The Reason you love Brian: He's so cuddly! *laughs* And every time he smirks I'm near fainting, there's just something too mischievous and droolable in him. And now, when he has a family, he's twice as cute and attractive as before -just can't get enough of pics of him and his little baby boy (though I try to respect other's private lives.. ^_^;;). Those blue eyes, who could resist them? :)
What I want to see in this com: Crazy people having crazy little chats. Being a fangirl is a hobby. ;)

I just needed to find a Brian-community after seeing BsB live on last Sunday in Helsinki. My inner fangirl had been asleep or something but that concert forced it awake. This place seems perfect for moving in. ^_^

Brian: (*raises his eyebrown, takes his gripping face and stares at some girl in the front row*) -Hysht, we're gonna do that later.. (*smirks and winks*)
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