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For any uk fans opn here...

well for everyone really but I thought maybe someone from the uk who was at the birmingham gig on the tour might remember this happening....

I was on the very front row and had the most amazing time. As soon as the guys came out brian spotted us in our pink bunny ears and was pointing,waving,making bunny ears with his hands and even singing to us (I was on cloud 9 all night as you can imagine) but at the end of the show he came running over before they started backstreet's back and called to me to throw them upto him (I was hoping he'd swap them with the hat he'd had on previous but he'd taken it off!!) He performed half the song wearing them and had them in his hand for the rest!!! The most amazing moment of my life for sure!!

Ive taken the pic out, sorry it was so big, ive had problems re-sizing it. but if you want to see it its in my journal

Ellie x x x
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