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About the Concert

As I said the other day I went to a Brian Littrell concert on Tuesday. Well, I had a great time and I'm so glad that I went. He had 2 opening acts. It was Brandon Heath and some other girl I don't remember hew name though, lol. My friend and I were late so we didn't get there till 8:20 which was ok since it started at 8 and the opening act just started. First it was Brandon then the girl. Then came on Brian who was so amazining. He sang a few backstreet boys songs as well. He was so goffy the whole time. He is really funny. The concert was amazing. It was at a bar, so he was like, "How do you like having church in a bar?". He said, "How do you like this intamite setting, you're so locse I could touch you". He did say that the backstreet boys will be going back into the recording studio on June 26th. Anyway, then the opening act, Brandon was meeting some of the people at the concert. He gave me 2 hugs and he put his arms out first, thne was like, "lets take our pic together" when he saw my camera. He aslo signed this CD I got from him, but it only had 5 songs on it. All in all, it was an amazing concert. id go again in a heart beat.
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