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These Arms of Mine Are Open Wide..

From Now Until the End of Time..

A Brian Littrell Fan Community
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Hello! Welcome to adonisonearth! This lj community is dedicated to Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. It is called 'adonis on earth' because it is named after Adonis, who is the most handsomest man ever in Greek mythology. Although his looks are one of his best traits/qualities, Brian is also a loving husband and father, talented singer and dancer, and a funny, lovable, outgoing, and caring person. He has made many people smile for all the things he has done, and he is admired by many. So this site is dedicated to him for the person he is.

[1.]Everything in here must be related to Brian Littrell or the Backstreet Boys. If not, then it will be deleted.
[2.]There will be no bitch fights/arguments/bashing in this community. Be respectful to ALL members, even if they do not agree with you. If not, then comments will be screened or you will be banned without warning.
[3.]There will be no selling of ANY type of Brian or Backstreet merchandise. If you do, it will be deleted. Take your 'precious' things to another community.
[4.]I am going to change the rule concerning promoting in this community because I realize how hard it is to promote your communities. So the rule is is that you must ask one of the maintainers if your community can be promoted. I just don't want people joining only for this purpose. If you make a post promoting without consent, then your post will be deleted.
[5.]Posers are NOT allowed. If I find out that you are a poser, you will be banned without warning!
[6.]Do not type in ALL CAPS or LykE tHiS in any entries or comments. It is very annoying and strains our eyes. You wouldn't want to hurt your fellow members' eyes, right?
[7.]Pictures that are over 300x300 pixels should go under a lj-cut. If you do not know how to do one, go
[8.]Do not fill your posts with quizzes or memes and whatnot, even if it has brian or bsb. That is spam! Spam=Satan. Although Picspams are more than welcome! (It is very encouraged).

If you are a new member, please fill out a survey form introducing yourself.
Include: name, age, location, how long have you been a fan, the reason you love Brian, and what you want to see in this community. This is to allow fellow members get to know newcomers! But please, be an active member!

If you have any questions regarding this community, email us at adonisonearth@gmail.com or contact the maintainers: xoesotericox (owner) and iknowitsmad and twistedminds


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